6 New Funeral Trends to Know About

funeral trends

New trends in funerals are changing traditional rituals. While many still opt for the traditional funeral home visitation, funeral, and casket burial, here are 6 new funeral trends to be aware of:

Cremation. Many are turning toward cremation to save money and forego the traditional burial. Recently, the number of cremations surpassed the number of burials in the United States. By 2030, the percentage of cremations is predicted to rise to 71 percent. Cremation costs one third as much as regular burial, and also saves natural resources.

Water Cremation or Alkaline Hydrolysis. This is a new type of cremation in which the body is liquefied except for the bones, which are made into ashes and sent to the family. Water cremation is better for the environment as it doesn’t release as much carbon dioxide into the air as regular cremation. This type of cremation is only legal in 15 states, and the cost is about the same as regular cremation.

Green Burial. Green burials go back to nature by simple placing the unembalmed body in a biodegradable bag and burying it in the earth. This type of burial is better for the environment and less costly than a traditional burial. Green burial providers are becoming more prevalent; check locally to see if there’s one near you.

Funerals at Home. Some families are opting to have the whole funeral at home and bury their loved on in their back yard. You can get help from a funeral home or other specialists with the process.

Funeral therapy dogs. This new trend has certified therapy dogs helping our grieving families at funerals by being there to lighten the mood. Penelope in San Antonio, Texas and Kermit in Austin, Texas are two of these certified funeral therapy dogs. These animals are able to take the mourners’ minds off the funeral process for just a moment and to intuit those who need help the most.

Creative Cremains. Companies are cropping up that will make creative things out of loved ones’ ashes – from vinyl records to glass art, from tattoos to shotgun shells.

These new trends in funerals are changing the face of funeral planning. Prepare in advance for your funeral needs with final expense life insurance so you won’t be blindsided by the costs when the time comes.